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First Semester Music Auditions

Whether you’re looking to become a music major or just interested in taking music lessons on the side, you will want to mark your calendar for April 22 and 24.

These are the dates for the first semester and summer music auditions, a chance for students interested in pursuing music to have their musical abilities evaluated by a faculty member. Dr. Ed Dunbar, a member of the music faculty, described the auditions as a quick and easy process that lets faculty gauge a student’s musical ability. Once the faculty member has heard the performance, the student is given an evaluation and the faculty member decides what music class the student takes. The auditions will be held in the Gustafson Fine Arts Center at 5 p.m. Dunbar said all students need to do to audition is prepare a musical piece and come to the auditions. Auditions will also be held at the beginning of next semester.  However, Dunbar suggested that students may want to go ahead and audition now, so they can know where they stand musically and plan accordingly for next semester.