Omega handily outscores Nu Delt, wins by 10 runs


Camden Jones swings at Saturday’s softball game. Photo: Dave Saunders

The men’s intramural softball season opened Saturday afternoon, and one of the games pitted the defending champions, the Omega Lions, against the Nu Delt Vikings. Despite fighting a tough uphill battle for the entirety of the game, Nu Delt was unable to displace the Lions from their throne. The game ended 16-6 in favor of Omega.

“Going into the season we knew we would be a slightly different team than last year’s [championship] team,” Omega’s third-baseman Conner Welby said. “We lost some key players, but our team as a whole is still very strong. Our team is definitely going to miss the guys who are gone, but we don’t feel we have digressed. With the addition of the new players the field is not weaker, and we still have high hopes for the season.”

Omega scored four runs in the first inning and never stopped the pressure. “Our goal for the season is to improve upon every game,” Welby said. “Just because we began our season with a win doesn’t mean it will be downhill for the rest of the season.”

Nu Delt was able to conjure up runs throughout the game, but nothing seemed to slow the defending champions. The Lions have strong, consistent bats as well as a solid defense that causes problems for opposing teams. “We don’t need every batter to hit a home run,” Welby said. “I keep telling the guys all we need is contact. A little blooper over the second baseman’s head is better than a pop fly any day.”

With Saturday’s match-up being the first game of the season, there were errors and mental mistakes made on both sides. Grounders were getting through, and overthrows were not uncommon.

“Yeah, there were a lot of first-game mental mistakes that shouldn’t be repeated as the season progresses,” Welby said. “But going into softball season, its almost inevitable the first game.”

Once Omega gained full steam, the game was lost to Nu Delt, but spirits were not down. Teams on the other field could hear Nu Delt cheer with each run they scored.

“That is part of what makes society softball fun,” a fan said after hearing Nu Delt. “The guys get behind their societies and just have a good time.”