Bruins golf tees off for spring season, seeks continued improvement


The Bruins golf team hopes to improve in this coming spring season. Photo: Molly Waits

The onset of spring and the close of basketball season usher in a new set of Bruins sports, and golf will take the spotlight. The Bruins’ golf team saw ups and downs during the fall season, but improvement was evident, and the team is optimistic.

“One of our team goals was to break 320 in the fall,” Coach Dennis Scott said. “Going into the spring we would like to make that goal 300.”

The Bruins set school history twice during the fall at Three Ridges Golf Course in Knoxville, Tenn., during the Hiwassee College Invitational. It was the women’s first tournament and the team’s first tournament win. The team also broke 320 as the Bruins walked away from Three Ridges with a solid 307.

“[Already this season] I can tell that the team’s passion is there,” Scott said. “In the fall there was so much excitement about the team being new, it was hard not to be passionate. But even this spring I can tell the team is poised and ready to play.”

This has been a recurring theme among the Bruins teams going into their second season. The women’s soccer team went from a 7-10 record its first season to winning a championship its second season. The men’s basketball team improved from a 6-24 season last year to a 16-14 season this year. The golf team looks to keep the theme going as members hone individual passion into a team effort this spring.

“One of the main focuses going into the spring season is to learn to forget about the last shot,” Coach Scott said. “Whether it was an eagle or a double bogey, the most important shot is the one that is about to be made.”

The Bruins, who just competed in their first round of the season, look to jump-start the spring with passion and a desire to improve their game.