University to host week-long blood drive


The Blood Connection will collect donations March 3-7. Photo: Molly Waits

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, BJU students. All of these can save lives. And BJU students will have their chance at this semester’s Community Service Council blood drive March 3 through 7.

“I give blood because it’s an easy way to impact the lives of many people,” said Josh Gronow, a freshman accounting major who participated in last semester’s blood drive. “You don’t get recognition for donating or an award, but you get to know that you are helping to save lives of people in need.”

Students wishing to donate may sign up at Activities & Organizations the week before the blood drive. Although signing up is not required to donate, it will decrease the wait time. For those who do sign up for a time slot, half an hour should be set aside for the donation process. If you don’t sign up in advance, plan on a full hour to account for any lines.

As in the past, be prepared to fill out paperwork about your current health condition. Questions about international travel and prescription medicines will also be asked.

Before donating, make sure to eat a good meal and be fully hydrated. It isn’t safe to donate on an empty stomach or when dehydrated. Drinking a lot of fluids before donation will make it easier for medical personnel drawing the blood and will also speed up the donation process.

Following the donation, The Blood Connection personnel will provide donors with food rich in sugar, such as apple juice or a cookie, which will help speed up the recovery process. Expect some fatigue that day and don’t exercise for the next 24 hours in case of dizziness. All donors will also receive a free Blood Connection T-shirt.

Those who participated in the emergency blood drive earlier this semester should not donate again so soon.  At least eight weeks is required between donations to ensure the safety of the blood donor. If you participated in the first semester blood drive, however, enough time has passed to donate again.

All blood donated will go directly to hospitals in the South Carolina Upstate, where there is a blood shortage because of the recent winter weather. Make time to donate blood this semester and save three lives.

The Blood Connection will be on campus Monday through Friday immediately after chapel until 7 p.m.