Considering the call for short-term mission work

During this coming week, campus will be filled with mission agencies recruiting workers, sharing their ministries and their passion for the Gospel to the student body.

As busy students, it might be tempting to ignore the thought of working on the mission field during the summer, and many have never even considered traveling overseas to spend a year or two on a short-term mission trip.

However, it is important for students to recognize the opportunities before them and consider giving up their own plans to partner with these ministries. Certainly, giving up your personal goals for the future requires a selfless, open heart. Service to others is not always easy, but both the imminent and future rewards make it well worth the effort.

Of course, there may be circumstances preventing you from visiting the mission field. But you can still minister effectively at home, in the workplace or at your local church.

Still, make an effort to pause and pray about serving somewhere else. If you, like many others, have to work at home this summer, pray that God will give you opportunities to witness and serve in your area.

When we serve other people, we not only make an impact on their lives, but our own lives will also be changed to conform us to be more like Christ. As Christians, we have heard the “go ye” command so many times that it often doesn’t impact us, sadly. We tend to tune out sermons about missions with the mindset that only Bible majors need to answer the call.

But we shouldn’t view ministry as an option for a select few. For Christians, ministry is neither boring nor useless; instead, it is an exciting opportunity to share God’s message of love and hope to others. It has the capability of challenging and growing us in areas we would never expect.

So over the next weeks and months, prayerfully consider working in places you wouldn’t normally choose. And who knows? It just may change your life.