Build-your-own pizza place allows pie customization


Customers at Your Pie can choose from three types of hand-tossed dough for custom Italian dishes. Photo: Dave Saunders

Looking for a place where you can create your own pizza, calzone, panini or salad? Then Your Pie is the place to be.

Located near Walmart on Woodruff Road, this small-sized restaurant bakes the dish of your choice in brick ovens. The restaurant’s cozy booths and tables create a comfortable atmosphere.

Your Pie’s slogan, “Express your inner pizza,” gives a taste of what to expect when you visit: you get to make your own pizza.

It’s a unique restaurant, with a style similar to Subway, except with pizza, one of its workers said.

To begin, you choose a 10-inch pizza for $7, a calzone for $8, a panini for $8, or a bread bowl salad for $7. You then choose one of three types of hand-tossed dough: classic white, whole wheat or gluten-free. The gluten-free dough costs an additional $2.25, but the extra cost may be worth it for a gluten-free dieter to enjoy some pizza.

The next step is to choose from eight different types of sauces and nine types of all-natural cheeses. Then it’s on to the toppings: fresh ingredients such as black olives, banana peppers, jalapeños and oregano. Premium ingredients such as pepperoni, Italian sausage and chicken are available as well.

Your personalized dish is then placed in a brick oven, taking about five minutes to bake. You can also choose to add a combo with your entree. Options include side salads, gelato, chips, cheese sticks and drinks.

If you aren’t feeling the need to create your own masterpiece when you visit, you do have the option to order a ready-made pizza, bread bowl salad or brick oven panini.

Your Pie provides a welcoming atmosphere for its customers, especially for first-timers.

If the idea of crafting your own dish seems overwhelming, don’t worry; the servers explain the process when you enter. And this restaurant is definitely a good stop for friends and families who don’t have to worry about agreeing on one pizza — everyone can order just what they want.

Your Pie also offers special deals on certain days. On Sundays and Wednesdays, children can eat for free. On Tuesdays, a pizza and drink combo costs $5.99.

On Saturdays, two pizzas are sold for the price of one after 8 p.m.

Your Pie also takes online orders at