Recruitment conference to provide employment opportunities

Students will have the opportunity to connect with potential employers at the Christian School Recruitment Conference next week in the Riley Reception Room.

About 70 national and international Christian school representatives will attend the conference to actively recruit graduating students to fill staff openings. Although all education majors will attend the conference, students of other majors and all classifications are welcome to attend. While filling teaching positions will be the main focus of school representatives, many other positions, such as business managers, youth pastors and athletic staff, need to be filled as well.

“We want students to be exposed to the opportunities and to prayerfully seek the Lord’s will as to what direction He would have them go,” said Dr. Brian Carruthers, dean of the School of Education.

For undergraduate students, the conference provides the opportunity to gain valuable practice, build relationships with schools and get exposure for future opportunities. Students can peruse the various displays, gather materials from the schools, speak with representatives or sign up to be contacted for future opportunities.

“[Undergraduate students] can observe how the graduating student interacts with recruiters to see what they can learn,” said Dr. Steve Buckley, manager of Career Services.

For graduating students, the Recruitment Conference offers real possibilities for employment opportunities. The conference is prime time for allowing prospective employers to see the talents and abilities the students have to offer schools. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to bring multiple copies of their résumés and to network with every school that interests them.

“Come prepared to ask important questions and don’t be afraid to ask for an interview,” Buckley said. “There are huge opportunities available in Christian education for both education majors and other majors alike.”

Business professional or classroom dress is strongly encouraged while attending the conference in order to make the best impression on the representatives.

“These are vital ministries across the country and world, and we want to show that we support them,” Carruthers said. “They look to BJU as a resource to meet their teaching needs, and I want them to feel that our students are interested. I just come back to what Dr. Bob has challenged the student body with on many occasions: what can we do to support these ministries with our talents and time for the cause of Christ?”

The conference will be open Monday, Feb. 17, from 7 to 9 p.m. and Tuesday, Feb. 18, from 1:30 to 4 p.m. and 6:30 to 9 p.m.