Answers in Genesis affiliate to lecture during Saturday creation conference

Guest lecturer for Answers in Genesis Dr. David Menton will give two lectures at the University’s Creation Science Conference on Saturday.

Menton earned a Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry from Minnesota State University, and he earned his doctorate from Brown University. He has worked as a research lab technician at Mayo Clinic and has also taught at the Washington University School of Medicine. Now, Menton travels throughout the U.S. and to international locations to speak on behalf of AIG.

At the conference on Saturday, Menton’s lectures will focus on the evidences of God’s work in His creation. According to Grace Denton, president of the University’s Premed Association, Menton will give two lectures titled “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” and “Formed to Fly.”

According to Denton, the goal of the conference is for attendees to gain a greater understanding of the evidences in nature that support a creationist worldview. Since the audience will consist almost entirely of students studying science and medicine, the conference will benefit attendees in preparing them to give an answer of their faith.

“I’m looking forward to learning more about specific evidences for God’s handiwork in nature and how I can best apply this knowledge [as a] springboard for discussions about God with those people I come in contact with in my future career as a physician,” she said.

Denton said hearing from an expert in the creationary science field would increase students’ ability to support a Christian worldview. “Broadening our knowledge base allows us as believers to have more points of contact with others,” she said. “And [that] can open up opportunities to speak a word for Christ.”

The conference will begin at 9 a.m. and will continue until noon, with a break for refreshments between Menton’s lectures. University students are invited to attend, but priority seating will be given to PMA and UNA members. The conference will be held in Room 137 in the Howell Memorial Science Building.