Three Bruins women named to NSCAA All-American team


Tori Anderson, Sarah Iwanowycz and Becca Luttrell were named to the NSCAA All-American team. Photo: Dave Saunders

After winning the NCCAA Division II National Soccer Championship, the Bruins women are proud to have three of their own named to the NSCAA All-American team. Seniors Sarah Iwanowycz, Becca Luttrell and junior Tori Anderson were honored for their accomplishments both on and off the field.

While just three athletes received awards, they were quick to point out the value of the whole team. Anderson said, “I feel like our team is a team where we can have fun, no matter who we’re hanging out with. Preseason really helps out with this because someone you may not have picked to be friends with ends up being friends with you, even though you may not be super alike.”

Anderson, who has been goalkeeping since the eighth grade and had 11 shutout games this season, showed a strong presence in the Bruins backfield. Although Anderson will return next season, 10 seniors will not. Anderson, commenting on the loss of these valuable teammates, expressed enthusiasm about next year. “Coach [Carmichael] is a very aggressive recruiter, and winning the national championship really helped sway those thinking about coming here. It also helped attract quality recruits.”

Luttrell, a striker, will return next season for her last semester. She led the team in goals this season with 13 and also contributed four assists. Luttrell’s biggest goal of the season was the game-winning goal scored during the championship game to defeat Clearwater Christian College 1-0. She said it’s easy to lose focus in situations like those, but also added that “Coach has trained us very well that we can be happy, but not to get out of control.” Luttrell said winning the championship “proved to all of us that we were legitimate, and [it] proved what Coach said: that we are a good team and not ‘just a second-year school.’ He’s a great coach.” Luttrell had nothing but praise for her teammates, stating that they are “people who make you better.”

Iwanowycz, a team captain, was a huge part of the Bruins’ defensive effort this past season. Having a strong defense allows the offense to play more comfortably with the knowledge that the backfield can handle themselves. Iwanowycz played her final season in 2013, helping the Bruins achieve a record of 15-5-2. She shared that her favorite part of playing for the Bruins this year was “having 28 best friends,” and she also added that she views her teammates as not just friends, but like a family.

The three All-Americans praise God for the success He has given them over the last two seasons, and they commend their teammates as well as Coach Carmichael, who won the NSCAA and NCCAA Coach of the Year award. Anderson summed things up nicely when she stated, “We all tried out for soccer, but we all stayed for the teammates.”