Sports Blurbs

Los Angeles, California: Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant returned to action last Sunday night against the Toronto Raptors. Bryant, who tore his Achilles tendon against the Golden State Warriors on April 12, shot 2/9 from the field, scored nine points, and logged 28 minutes in the Lakers’ loss.

Baltimore, Maryland: Adrian Peterson had some words for the Baltimore Ravens’ fans last Sunday after the Vikings fell to the Ravens 29-26 in Baltimore. “They’ve got the worst fans in the NFL. [They were] throwing snowballs the entire fourth quarter, like kids. It was a bad feeling, a bad feeling.” Peterson, apparently unaccustomed to snowballs despite numerous home games in Minnesota, is looking to break the 2,000-yard mark once again this season.

Denver, Colorado: Matt Prater of the Denver Broncos set an NFL record last Sunday, kicking a 64-yard field goal to help claim the AFC South. The Broncos beat the Tennessee Titans 51-28 in the matchup.