Students to find graduate job positions at BJU’s Job Fair


A student converses with Miss Mary Ellen Boyle, BJU’s social events coordinator, at a previous BJU Job Fair. Photo: Photo Services

Students can learn about upcoming graduate job positions at the University by attending BJU’s Job Fair in the Riley Reception Room, Wednesday, Nov. 20, between 12:30 and 5 p.m.

BJU’s Job Fair provides a great opportunity for students considering graduate school. According to Miss Laura Cross, staffing manager of the Human Resources department, the offered jobs are mostly graduate assistant positions, though some faculty or staff positions may be available as well. She suggests that all students, not just seniors, attend in order to ask questions and get more information about specific positions. Cross said planning for the long term now and beginning relationships with department managers is a good idea.

Cross said a complete list of the available GA positions, which can be accessed after a student applies and is approved for graduate school, is posted online on StudentCentral in a link under Academics, Graduate Approval Application. This is the first year that positions have been listed online, and Cross said she is interested to see how that affects the job fair and application process.

Cross encourages students to look at the online posting of job opportunities and to fill out the general application online before going to the job fair.

The list includes some academic positions as well as positions in Student Life, the BJU Press, Bob Jones Academy and the Child Development Center. “Keep checking the list because it will be changing constantly,” Cross said.

All contracts for graduate assistants last for one year, but may be extended for a second year depending on academic programs. Students should note that GA positions are either nine-month or 12-month contracts. Cross said the majority of the positions are 12-month contracts, but several, such as teaching positions, resident counselors or those in the Academic Resource Center, last only nine months.

According to Cross, GAs receive a discount on tuition, in addition to being paid regular wages for their work. As a result, graduate assistants make enough to pay for their graduate degree program, while gaining work experience.

Students who submit an application online should follow up with the application process by going to the job fair. “Take advantage of the opportunity of talking with all the managers of the different departments,” Cross said. “Engaging in conversation with different departments, gathering information and asking questions will make you a more memorable applicant.”

Cross also suggests bringing several copies of your resume, which will help department representatives remember you specifically, helping you to stand out as an applicant. “Resumes are another way for students to showcase their skills and experience,” she said.

After students submit an application, the respective department will contact them if interested for an interview. Then Human Resources will make the job offer to those students each department selects.