Women’s basketball team marks down first win in season opener


Junior Breanna Bullard sends a jump shot over a Johnson University defender. Photo: Amanda Ross

Fans gathered in the David Field House last Friday for the first game of the Bruins women’s second basketball season, cheering as the Bruins took away a 64–52 win over the Johnson University Royals.

Juniors Trisha Irving, Kourtney Hoefler, Breanna Bullard, Kim Spiecker and sophomore Kendra Jeffcott were the starting five for this first game, proving more than an equal match for the Royals’ lineup.

Jeffcott drove into the middle of the lane and past the defenders for a layup to score the first points of the season. As the points racked up for both teams, the Bruins and Royals continued to step up the intensity, leaving the score 26–21 in the Bruins’ favor at the end of the half.

The Bruins kept their lead for the entirety of the second half, despite several close comebacks by the Royals. The Bruins continued to shoot a high percentage beyond the arch and inside the paint as they beat the Royals 64–52 to start off the season with a win.

“Kendra and Kim stepped it up, and Maggi [Ford] played really well,” Coach Mike LeViere said. “Those three were big tonight and made it happen when we needed it to.”

The Bruins traveled to Columbia College on Saturday to play the Fighting Koalas. The Bruins were able to hang on, but Columbia College kept the lead for the duration of the game and won 75–62. The game was a challenge for the Bruins as bad passes, missed foul shots, and three players fouling out contributed to the loss.

“Our team did well hustling,” Spiecker said. “But we saw a lot of things we could do better.”

The Bruins women will travel to Cleveland, Ga., on Nov. 9 to take on the Truett-McConnell College Bears.