Volleyball championship claimed by Tigers, perfect record kept intact

The Theta Delta Omicron Tigers defeated the Theta Sigma Chi Colts Saturday night in the women’s intramural volleyball championship game. The Tigers finished the year with a perfect 11-0 record, while the Colts finished at 9-2.

The Colts came out looking composed and focused, while the Tigers lacked communication. The Tigers managed to keep the game close, but ultimately lost the first set to give the Colts a 1-0 overall advantage.

With the next set just minutes away, the Tigers knew they needed a significant change. Theta Delta senior Kaylea Morse led her team during a break, encouraging them to play harder. “Before the second set, we prayed together as a team, focusing on doing our best and playing together. [We] completely turned around,” she said.

As the second set began, communication could be heard from both sides of the court rather than just one. The Tigers began making good returns, increasing their spiking opportunities and playing better overall as a team, going on to win the second set.

Senior Leah Forsythe, the Tigers’ coach, not only played well herself but also pushed her team to continue the good game rhythm. As she has done many times this season, Forsythe contributed many kills and spikes and solid backcourt defense.

With the overall score now even at 1-1, the Tigers kept rolling against the competitive Colts. The Tigers went on to take the third and fourth sets and clinched the championship three sets to one.