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The Collegian

The Student News Site of Bob Jones University

The Collegian

The Student News Site of Bob Jones University

The Collegian

Meet ‘The Collegian’


Made up of:
11 Seniors
9 Juniors
3 Sophomores

Top majors:
Graphic Design
Journalism & Mass Communication

Collegian staff members come from 15 different states within the U.S. and two countries (Canada and Thailand). The process of producing each issue of The Collegian begins three weeks before the paper is printed and distributed and goes through multiple editors (including faculty advisers) before being finalized.

What has been your favorite part of working for The Collegian?
“I’ve loved getting to know the people who work on it, and I like the practice and experience designing something new every week gives me. It is a good way to stretch my skills and to practice being creative while on a deadline.”
–Josh Frederick, designer

“I love interviewing people for my articles, hearing their stories and learning interesting things about people I never would’ve met otherwise.”
–Samantha Loucks, staff writer

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve had to do while working for The Collegian?
“Being assigned to write about the first ever BJU ice cream social as my first assignment for The Collegian and not knowing how to make it two pages long.”
–Lee Miller, staff writer

“I wrote an article about dating etiquette once and some of the interviews, especially with the guys, were a little awkward.”
–Rachel Peed, editor

What has working on The Collegian taught you?
“Being on Collegian helped me stay more organized and on top of things. Staying up late and facing deadlines taught me patience and how to work well with others.”
–Abby Stanley, sports editor

What interesting fact or concept have you learned while working for The Collegian that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise?
“Voice recorders make people nervous.”
–Carlie Maldonado, staff writer

“I learned where The Collegian office is located. That in itself is somewhat of an accomplishment since most people have no idea where it’s at.”
–Jordan Wellin, copy editor

“Teamwork: one irresponsible member slows everyone else down.”
–Adam Gingery, sports writer

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