Now’s the time for students to consider, pray about missions

This week has been Missions Emphasis Week on campus, a time when the importance of missions and evangelization was emphasized in the chapel messages, in classrooms and in other ways throughout the week. Students had the chance to attend the Missions Conference, one of the core parts of Missions Emphasis Week, and connect with ministries needing help and prayerfully consider the possibility of serving with them.

But as the coming week and its many tests, assignments and responsibilities looms ahead, the temptation to forget what we’ve learned and continue with our own daily schedules can creep into our lives.

The Collegian editorial board urges students to take some time today to evaluate the messages we’ve heard throughout Missions Emphasis Week and then pray about how we can apply those lessons to our lives, both in the short- and long-term view.

With the busyness of classes, it may seem difficult to actually stop and reflect on how God wants us to serve in missions. But remember missions, and specifically evangelization, doesn’t just begin after we graduate and it isn’t limited to moving overseas.

As Christians, we can each serve in different ways. While one person may be led to serve overseas, others can also play an important role, reaching out to co-workers and showing God’s love through godly testimonies.

As Missions Emphasis Week draws to a close, we should all evaluate the role we are to play when it comes to sharing the Gospel with others.

The term “missions” may sound intimidating, but as Christians we are called, and specifically commanded, to reach others throughout the world.

Pray, and thoughtfully consider how you can reach the people around you—whether that means spending a few years after graduation in missions, or serving in a ministry this summer, or even sharing your testimony with unsaved family members during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. Praying for and giving to missions are also simple ways to become a part of missions now.