Team showcase event to usher in second season of Bruins basketball


Fans cheer at Fandemonium 2012. Photo: Emma Klak

BJU Bruins basketball will launch its second season tonight at Fandemonium, an event designed to showcase the teams, allow fans and players to interact, and stir up excitement for the 2013-14 season.

“We want an atmosphere where people can come and get introduced to the new players in an environment that’s a kickoff event for [Bruins] basketball,” said sports information director Jonny Gamet when asked about his goal for Fandemonium.

The event will feature giveaways, contests and games, including “Your Mama,” a spin-off on the popular “newlyweds game.” “Your Mama,” involving a Bruins player with his or her mother, is one of several events intended to help players and fans connect on a more personal level.

“We want the fans to be able to see a different side of them than just the players on the court,” Gamet said.

Fandemonium also presents an opportunity for new team members to be introduced to the fans. “We have brand new [players] this year that people don’t know,” Gamet said. “It’ll be a good time for people to get to see the new players on the roster.”

A 3-point contest is among the evening’s festivities, as well as a blue-white intra-squad scrimmage showcasing the entire Bruins lineup and style of play in a full-court game.

“We have a deeper bench this year, so we’re going to try to pressure the ball full-court and play a more up-tempo style,” said women’s basketball coach Mike LeViere.

“It’s a chance for our [players] to get out and have some fun,” said Bruins Athletic Director and men’s basketball coach Neal Ring. “[Our style of play] will be pretty exciting to watch, and hopefully it’ll whet [the fans’] appetites to come back on the first of November!”

Fandemonium will begin at 9:30 p.m. in the Davis Field House, shortly after the men’s intercollegiate soccer game, and will conclude by 11 p.m.