Missions Emphasis Week to bring special focus during annual conference

BJU’s annual Missions Emphasis Week will be held on campus next week, Oct. 21 through Oct. 24.

According to Mr. Mark Vowels, head of the department of missions, “Missions Emphasis Week is part of the DNA of the University. The idea is to constantly keep missions opportunities in front of students.”

This year two speakers will present mission work that many students could get involved with after graduation.

On Monday and Tuesday, Dr. Troy Manning, the chief language consultant at Bibles International, will speak on Bible translation — about work that has been done and translating work that still needs to be done. On his website, profman.com, Manning describes the various aspects of Bibles International, including translation projects from different languages around the world, “and equipping and training current and future workers at different levels of the text production process.”

Then on Wednesday and Thursday, Mr. Ashish Majmundar will speak about the tent-making approach to missions. “Mr. Majmundar is a successful businessman who is leveraging his position for the cause of the Gospel in India,” Vowels said. “Missions has varied in its opportunities, and both of our speakers will share the different ways that anyone can be a missionary.”

Starting Tuesday, missionaries and different representatives will be visiting classrooms to talk about their ministries. “The Riley room will have displays from 55 of the missionary organizations that BJU promotes and works with,” Vowels said. “There will be representatives from each organization who can answer questions about missions.”

Many of the organizations are looking to recruit new missionaries for their ministries, and a few individual missionaries are hoping to recruit help for the field in the coming months.  Missions Emphasis Week is a great week to become aware of all the opportunities to minister to others, no matter where you are in the world.

“It’s a valuable opportunity to showcase that all students can play some role,” Vowels said.  “Romans 15:9 says ‘And that the Gentiles might glorify God for His mercy.’ Missions Week is another way for us to become aware about new ways to do that.”