Bruins swat down Hornets 2-0


Bruins forward Travis Woodham leads the ball away from a Concordia College defender. Photo: Dave Saunders

After coming up short in their last two away games, the BJU Bruins returned to Alumni Stadium in hopes of regaining some lost ground.

The Concordia College Hornets were the only thing standing between the Bruins and a .500 record. Lock-down defense, command of the midfield, and offensive execution characterized the Bruins’ game as they defeated the Hornets 2-0.

While both teams came out with high energy, the Bruins’ drive was more focused and contained, allowing them to pick apart the opposing midfield and defense.

The Hornets were susceptible to over-commitments and marking errors, and their intensity did not disturb the flow of the Bruins’ game. It took only five minutes for the Bruins to successfully beat the Hornets’ defense and finish a goal, courtesy of sophomore Matt Moore.

One of the very few chances the Hornets had in the first half was a free kick resulting from a Bruins handball. The kick beat the wall, beat the keeper, but ended abruptly as it collided with the upright. The Bruins’ defense took over and extinguished any chance the Hornets created. BJU was able to keep its 1-0 lead going into the half.

The Bruins shifted back to a defensive game to start the second half, cautious of letting anything slip behind. Only pushing the ball in transition, the Bruins’ patience paid off quickly as freshman Eric Moisant was able to capitalize on a counterattack just five minutes into the second half.

The Bruins pushed up the field after a hasty play by the Hornets cost them possession. Moisant was in the right place at the right time as the ball ended up bouncing right in front of him just inches from the goal.

The defense was able to hold on to the 2-0 lead to give the team its second clean sheet this season.