Bruins golf team claims first place at Tennessee tournament

The Bruins men’s intercollegiate golf team participated in its third golf invitational last Friday, competing against six other teams at the Hiwassee College Invitational at the Three Ridges Golf Course in Knoxville, Tenn.

The Bruins scored their best round yet as a team. Junior Clay Wiginton had two birdies to start off his round, and Paiton Wiginton stole the show at the seventh hole by sinking an eagle on a par 5. Each Bruin golfer had a good score, and the team totaled a score of 307. The Bruins finished first out of six teams, the first win of their season.

“This is definitely a milestone,” Clay Wiginton said. “We can do better. We’re always looking to improve. We are going to be working hard for the next tournament.”

The best thing that happened out on the course on Friday, though, was that one of the Bruins players was able to share the Gospel with an opposing player. He explained that good works can’t get you into heaven, but Jesus Christ can. As Bruins we represent Christ first — and that is what it’s all about.