Women’s soccer team strikes twice in back-to-back games

The Bruins women’s intercollegiate soccer team traveled to Kentucky to play two games last Friday and Saturday.

Both the Bruins women and the Ohio Christian University Trailblazers headed to Grayson, Ky., on Friday to compete against Kentucky Christian in back-to-back road games. The Trailblazers, the Bruins’ first opponents of the weekend, had a 4-4 record coming to the game. The Bruins were determined to add yet another win to their three-game streak and bring their record to 4-2.

Both teams were able to rip off good shots to start the game, and the Bruins, with good goal opportunities and great passing, scored first in the middle of the opening half. Sophomore Tessa Hoskinson put a corner kick at the 6-yard line, and sophomore Isobel Johnston kicked the ball into the net after a few seconds of loose-ball mayhem to make the score 1-0.

The Bruins’ defense was strong in the second half. They were not able to score again, but they didn’t let the Trailblazers score either.

“Our defense was awesome,” senior Sarah Porch said.  “We beat the better of the two teams, and this will help give us momentum for tomorrow’s game.” The Bruins, now 4-2, had to prepare for their match against the Kentucky Christian University Knights the following day.

The Knights, who had already given up 55 goals to opponents coming into Saturday’s game against BJU, dropped to 0-7 as the Bruins closed out the tournament with another victory. But the win wasn’t easy, since the women were playing their second game in two days.

It was a competitive contest for the duration of the first half, and sophomore Spencer Martin scored first. The Knights tied it up on a penalty kick, but sophomore Tessie Estrella took the lead for the Bruins again before half time.

The competition broke down in the second half, giving the Bruins five more goals and a decisive 7-1 victory.