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The Student News Site of Bob Jones University

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The Student News Site of Bob Jones University

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Meet ‘The Collegian’


What is the most rewarding thing about being on staff?

“Seeing people read the paper on Friday and seeing our conception become reality.”
Josh Frederick, layout editor

“The most rewarding part for me is seeing a blank document turn into something truly unique and creatively expressive of the student body.”
Dave Saunders, photographer

What’s the best part about working for The Collegian?

“It’s a great opportunity to get on the ‘inside track’ of stories and events that are happening.”
Ethan Sanders, staff writer

“Having an outlet for art and a reason to keep it up each week. I also have really enjoyed getting to know fellow staff members. Some of the most awesome people you’ll meet are Collegian staff.”
Loren Crisp, comic artist

Why did you choose to join the staff?

“I love writing. This is the perfect thing for me.”
Brandon Valadez, sports writer

“I couldn’t believe it when I was asked to join four years ago. I thought that working for Collegian would be a great learning experience in real-life situations.”
Abby Stanley, copy editor

What unique experience have you gained from being on staff?

“It’s really interesting to see how everything works behind the scenes, to see how much work goes into every detail of each issue.”
Emma Klak, photography editor

“I’ve gained more skills than I ever expected — from interviewing to layout and from web design to journalistic style. I started as a writer, and now I get to learn about design and photography with each issue.”
Samantha Loucks, editor

What is the most challenging aspect of working for The Collegian?

“The most challenging part for me is interviewing people. I like writing and learning about people’s experiences, but sitting down and talking to people I have never met is scary for me.”
Abi Dickinson, staff writer

“Designing on the spot. However, it’s been the most growing experience as a designer.”
Charis Marshall, design editor


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Meet ‘The Collegian’