New year comes with changes to intramural sports program


Beta Gamma Delta vs. Alpha Theta Pi in the 2012 Turkey Bowl. Photo: Derek Eckenroth

The University’s intramural sports program is off to a strong start this fall. With a change to the soccer program and some fresh offerings for a new year, society sports is as vibrant as ever.

Men’s societies now have the option of joining a new 7 vs. 7 league, allowing smaller societies to field a team of seven rather than 11 players. This change makes it easier for the smaller societies to participate at a competitive level. The traditional 11 vs. 11 league is still available to the societies who can field the larger team.

Senior Adam Bailey, a veteran intramural athlete, said he thinks the change has been a positive one. “It has really helped my society, Kappa Sigma Chi, because being a smaller society, we can now participate in soccer as well as we have in other sports, such as basketball and [flag] football,” Bailey said.

Women’s volleyball, always one of the most competitive women’s sports, has also begun on a high note, bringing upperclassmen, underclassmen and societies together in a unique way.

Robin Hannen, member of the Theta Pi Delta Mustangs, said, “Although I enjoy playing with teammates from previous years, we enjoy having new players because once we are gone, they can take our place.”

Also new this semester is society running, offered to both men’s and women’s teams. A good option for students who simply don’t have time or aren’t interested in other sports, running provides athletes with the opportunity to turn a fitness ritual into a competitive sport.

Students can track the miles they run on, the new intramural site, to earn points for their society.

Intramurals are still alive and going strong, drawing from all corners of the Bruins student body to create a network of friendly competition. To see a list of sports and sign up, see the intramural site at