New beginnings: McAllister and Crockett to assume new roles at BJU


Dr.’s Crockett and McAllister shake hands on Crockett’s promotion. Photo: Dave Saunders

Throughout the 2013-14 academic year, Dr. Bruce McAllister will transition the direction of the newly renamed Ministry Class to Dr. Nathan Crockett.

McAllister’s new position will strengthen relationships between BJU and pastors around the country, while the Ministry Class will make a key change by shifting its focus to include men students not necessarily in the School of Religion who would like practical preparation for the ministry.

McAllister has served on the BJU administration since 1977, and as the director of Ministerial Training since 1991, but recently he has felt called of the Lord for a redirection of his energies toward furthering relationships between BJU and local churches and pastors.

“I have sensed a burden from the Lord to turn my attention more towards pastors, preachers and particularly BJU grads, and I feel like the time has come for a fresh face with the Outreach Ministries and the Ministerial Class,” McAllister said. He added that he will continue to serve on the BJU administration in his new role, as well as continuing to oversee church staffing alongside Career Services.

A key component of the transition is the effect upon the Ministry Class. Crockett, who will be named as the new director of Ministry Training at the end of this year of transition, is implementing a new focus with the class, opening the Ministry Class on Fridays at 10 a.m. to the entire student body and providing its resources to all interested students. The direction of the class will change as well, starting this year and following a revised four-year sequence of topics that will emphasize practical preparation for ministry.

Crockett will continue teaching several Bible classes, including New Testament Messages and Hermeneutics, maintaining his focus on fostering relationships with undergraduate freshmen and sophomores.

A specific goal of the Ministry Class is to encourage and prepare the growing number of young men at BJU who anticipate entering the ministry, but who are currently pursuing a non-Bible major. “It’s not just the ministerial students who are training for ministry; it’s really all of the students,” Crockett said. “We want to focus on getting people interested in ministry, having opportunities for [other students] to have ministry training as well.”

The Outreach Ministries program, formerly housed under McAllister’s office of Ministerial Training and Outreach, will soon make the transition to fall under the umbrella of Student Life. “We’re excited to include outreach ministries in our focus on discipleship and leadership,” said Dr. Eric Newton, dean of students.