Campus lingo

Chapel Buddy – The person you sit next to during chapel.

Horizontal Rain – A type of rain found on campus during the wet and windy season. Two of horizontal rain’s many talents are spraying students in the face as they run toward the Alumni Building and soaking their pants/legs as they walk the covered sidewalks.

“We should do a meal.” – Also known as “I don’t have time to talk right now, but maybe we can chat later over food.”

“102” – English 102. This class will stretch your writing skills like no other course in your college career. Just like stretching before exercising, this class is good for you, but it hurts sometimes.

Back Campus – Any place on the Davis Field House side of South Drive. (South Drive is the road that runs behind Gaston, the Science Building, the parking garage and the men’s dorms.)

Front Campus – Any place on the parking garage side of South Drive.

DFH – An abbreviation for the Davis Field House.

DC – 1) Discipline Committee or 2) dining common. Do not confuse the two.

Dorm Hop – To move quickly from one dorm to the other using the side entrances. Usually done on the women’s side of campus while it’s raining, windy or very cold.

Same-Siding – A dating couple that sits next to each other in the dining common instead of across from each other.