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Column exposes infant deaths at hands of doctor, national media ignores the story

Last week a liberal Fox News political analyst, Kirsten Powers, wrote a column in USA Today titled “We’ve forgotten what belongs on Page One.”

The column was one of the first mentions to the public of the horrible crimes committed by Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor in Philadelphia, Pa.

Gosnell’s trial began on March 18 this year, two years after he had been arrested in January 2011. He is being tried for eight counts of murder for the deaths of one 41-year-old mother and seven infants.

Gosnell is accused of snipping the necks of these babies after they were born alive and will face the death penalty if convicted.

According to the Family Research Council, Steven Massof, a former employee of Gosnell, “estimated that at least 100 babies were born alive in this single clinic who had their necks snipped in what he described as ‘literally a beheading.’

“‘These killings became so routine,’ an employee admitted, ‘that no one could put an exact number on them. They were considered ‘standard procedure.’”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Adrienne Moton testified she quit working at the clinic after “the sight of one dead boy was too much to bear.”

A cell phone picture taken by Moton was shown in court of the murdered boy covered in blood. “I see this big baby boy laying there. He had that color of a baby. I didn’t feel as though he had a chance,” Moton said.

The national media is quick to run stories for weeks about other horrible crimes like the shootings in Connecticut and Colorado or child abuse cases, but they purposely neglected to tell the story of babies being “beheaded.”

A look back at the news from March 18 showed that the media reported Hillary Clinton supporting gay marriage, the Republicans releasing a report on its image problems, and President Obama picking Tom Perez for labor secretary.

No national media outlet covered the Gosnell trial.

While Powers has to be given a considerable amount of credit for writing this column, the problem is not that the national media just “forgot” to publish this story; they have done something far worse — they have purposefully neglected it.

For the past 40 years the national media has conveniently failed to cover the murders of more than 50 million children and has relegated these murders to the friendlier terms of “women’s choice” and “abortion.”

There’s no doubt that the national media has a tremendous impact on our society in what we think and talk about.

The national media also has a powerful influence on our political leaders in what they legislatively act upon.

Journalists and reporters, whether Christian or non-Christian, need to report not only about the Gosnell trial but also about the larger story of the estimated 3,500 daily murders of young lives.

Members of the national media should take a stand like Powers and cover the atrocious tragedy that abortion is.

It’s time to bring this national and world tragedy to an end.


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Column exposes infant deaths at hands of doctor, national media ignores the story