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Introducing the 2013-14 Student Leadership Council

Caleb Schaaf (not pictured), Patrick Beam, Meagan Ingersoll, Bruce Burkholder, Jamie Yow, Corey Colosky, Sarah Kalmbach, Jared Poe, Alicia Newcomer, Abigail Troutman and Joel Biester. Photo: Luke Cleland

The new SLC members have been elected for the 2013-14 academic year. Meet the students who will serve the BJU student body next year.

Student body presidents
Jared Poe, a business administration major, will be next year’s men’s student body president. He said he especially wants to see the student body grow in unity. “I am excited about the opportunity to take the foundation of the unity that we have in Christ in the student body and be able to build on that,” he said.

Accounting major Sarah Kalmbach will work alongside Poe as the women’s student body president. She emphasized how the entire student body needs one another to point each other to Christ.

Their responsibilities include meeting with the whole SLC as well as the administration. They will also help plan student body programs and work at other special events like society rush.

Senior class representatives
Math education major Corey Colosky and creative writing major Alicia Newcomer will serve as the new senior class representatives.

“We just want to make this upcoming year for the seniors as epic as possible,” Colosky said.

He said they are planning to do Seniors on Stage next year. He also hopes to generate a positive atmosphere among students on campus.

Newcomer said she looks forward to making everyone’s year memorable.

Colosky and Newcomer’s responsibilities will include planning senior appreciation week, the senior chapel and the senior class gift. They will also represent the seniors to the administration.

SLC chaplain
Abigail Troutman, a special education major, will serve as the women’s chaplain.

“I’m really excited about working with the chaplains, and I’m really excited about working with the SLC and praying together,” she said. “I’m excited to see what God is going to do and how He is going to change the student body.”

ISC directors
Premed major Joel Biester and dramatic production major Meagan Ingersoll will serve as the men’s and women’s ISC directors. They will work with societies, encouraging them with new ideas and making those ideas become reality. One of their main responsibilities will be to work with society presidents and vice presidents on the ISC council.

“I think this last year’s SLC was one of the best that I have experienced,” Ingersoll said. “[They took] a lot of steps in the right direction. I hope this SLC can continue to build off of the previous SLC.”

Biester especially noted that he would like to encourage societies to be re-energized. He said some societies have lost their momentum. “[We’d like to see] how we can regain that and put some energy into them.”

SLC treasurer
Accounting major Bruce Burkholder was elected as the SLC treasurer. He will oversee the SLC’s budget as well as individual society budgets. He said he will work with society treasurers to help keep their books and answer questions they may have.

Burkholder is excited about the opportunity to work with people and to be influential to the student body. He also said he looks forward to working with the other members of the SLC.

SLC event coordinators
Pre-physical therapy major Patrick Beam and biology education major Jamie Yow are the new SLC event coordinators. They will take the lead in planning and organizing events for the student body, such as Turkey Bowl, championship sports games, and praise and worship services.

Yow said she would like to represent the whole student body and really consider student interests. “Hopefully we can think outside the box, too,” she said.

Beam said they would like to take the foundation that has been built by this year’s event coordinators and expand it. “Basically, we want to keep the good and make it better,” he said.

Get to know your SLC members:
We all have different interests and unique stories to tell, so our new SLC members shared some unique facts about themselves.

Poe: “I actually get mistaken for Aaron Berry a lot. People think that we look alike because we’re tall and skinny, and we have the same hair — even though we really don’t. I’ve probably gotten that 20 times this year.”

Kalmbach: “I went up to Alaska two summers ago and shot a black bear.”

Colosky: “I might have broken a world record for jump roping.”

Newcomer: “I’m going on a missions trip to Peru this summer. I’m trying to cram in as much Spanish as possible this semester. I’ll be doing music at a church and helping with an orphanage there.”

Troutman: “I would really love to go skydiving someday, and I love camping. I love the Michigan Wolverines. I like to play the piano and violin. I love roller coasters.”

Ingersoll: “I was in my first play when I was five. It’s definitely a passion. I’ve been in two feature films.”

Biester: “I was born in Kenya, raised as a missionary kid. But I’m not an American. I’m Swiss. So I’m international.”

Burkholder: “I love the West, so I like traveling. California, Colorado, Wyoming, the national parks out there. I’m excited about going on Mr. Daulton’s mission trip this summer.”

Beam: “I’ve been Edmund and Judas in the last two plays I’ve been in. Both traitors. I’ve gotten a lot of jokes about being a traitor and betraying people.”

Yow: “This will be my third summer working at The Wilds. I’m pretty competitive, so I really like the games a lot, and, of course, [I love] my campers.”

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Introducing the 2013-14 Student Leadership Council