Gold Rush Daze faculty

Red Lightning

Mr. Nathan Crockett: “Abigail and I chose the red team for three primary reasons: Abigail and Shepherd’s favorite color is red; we were on the red team four years ago because our 4-wheeler that we drove in the parade is red; and red asked first — by a couple minutes.”

Dr. Darren Lawson: “I’ve traditionally been a red team member over the years of Gold Rush Daze. Red is the color of power, lifeblood and love. When I’m ill, I think of green. Who wants to think of that on Gold Rush Daze?”

Dr. Jason Ormiston: “I chose the red team because I wanted to participate in a team that will win! I get the impression that the green team lacks the enthusiasm necessary to compete at the highest level. Life is short. Choose red!”

Dr. Dan Olinger: “Four years ago, there was a mix-up, and I ended up on the blue team after agreeing to support red. I assured the red folks that next time I’d be red. So I switched sides in order to be fair. Only one regret. My dear daughter is on green.”

Green Thunder

Dr. Eliezer Yanson: “I did not choose any team; the Green Thunder chose me. I guess that’s where the cool people are.”

Dr. Gary Weier: “For me the choice was pretty simple. With green, there’s the Jolly Green Giant, the Green Lantern, the Green Hornet, the Hulk. With red, Santa Claus? Little Red Riding Hood? Hardly a choice. Besides, my daughter is on green!”

Mr. Christopher Zydowicz: “I’ve had pressure from both sides and kept my decision a secret — until today. I’m announcing today in The Collegian — I’m going green!”

Miss Jane Smith: “I chose green thunder because there was no other choice — was there? I like the way thunder rumbles and roars; lightning is just a flash in the pan.”

Mr. Jon Daulton: “I went to my first and only stock car demolition derby when I was in first grade. The race team I cheered for was called ‘The Mean Green Machine.’ As a result, I have always been predisposed to green!”