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Opportunities abound for day students to connect

Laura Woodruff, admissions counselor for the Greenville area, connects with prospective day students. Photo: Rebecca Snyder

Day students at BJU have many opportunities to get involved and connect with peers outside of their own majors.

The opportunities offered to day students are very similar those offered to residence hall students.

However, students who live off campus have to be a bit more intentional about getting involved.

Senior accounting major and day student Grace Fryml has taken opportunities to be involved in many campus activities and organizations. She does her best to prioritize her relationships with fellow students.

Fryml was involved in choir her freshman year, and she pursued many other opportunities after that, serving as secretary of the University Accounting Association.

Additionally, she got involved by volunteering as a peer leader for Freshman Seminar, assisting her society as treasurer, working on and off campus, becoming a student ambassador, playing society sports.

Last year, Fryml served as president of the University Business Association.

“Your experience here is what you make of it,” Fryml said. “At this time of our lives, there are so many more important things than classes.”

She recommends trying new things and looking for opportunities to get involved in the lives of others.

“Put yourself in uncomfortable situations,” she said. “Go deep in your relationships. It’s a lot of work and involvement, but ultimately that grew me as a person.”

Athough Fryml is still a student ambassador and president of the UBA, she has established a personal goal of investing in others during her last year of college. She’s even organized a women’s mentor group that meets once a week.

“I’ve tried not to be involved in as many things as a senior, so I can be involved in peoples’ lives,” Fryml said.

According to Fryml, she tells anyone who is considering being a day student that it is important to be intentional about being involved while in college.

“This is such an opportunity for growth in a person’s life,” Fryml said. “Join to get out of yourself, get involved to have exhilarating opportunities and memories made.”

According to Fryml, by exposing herself to so many different experiences, she was educated more by the things she was involved in rather than simply her classes.

To Fryml, involvement teaches actual life experiences, how to work with people, critical thinking, problem-solving, soft skills and humility.

“If you’re ever going to mess up, this is where you want to do it,” Fryml said. “I know that everyone is different—there are different responsibilities, but never be afraid to try something.”

Fryml said she started with doing choir and then continued to add until she found a balance of activities she enjoyed doing.

Her involvement also allowed Fryml to expand her circle of friends beyond what she imagined possible.

For her, college and extracurricular activities are all about the people involved.

“Remember why we’re here and that the point of our lives is to know God better, give him glory and help other people know him better,” Fryml said.

To achieve this purpose, Fryml recommends participating in a variety of outlets

“If the best way you can do that is being a part of some organization or work opportunity, then do it,” she said. “Prayerfully consider what He would have you be a part of here.”

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Opportunities abound for day students to connect