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Current SLC members share advice with their successors

Presidents Coltan Schiefer and Rebekah Anderson will soon pass on their leadership roles. Photo: Rebecca Snyder

As the spring semester, and therefore the Student Leadership Council positions come to an end, the student body readies itself to elect its new representatives.  Each member of the SLC staff shared some advice for their successors.

The first piece of advice Coltan Schieffer, men’s student body president, would give to his successor is to love God. Schieffer encouraged his successor to devote time to his spiritual walk.

“If  you’re not right with God, you can’t and will not be an effective leader,” Schieffer said. He also encouraged his successor to prioritize relationships, advising his successor to communicate and delegate.

He said it is better to over communicate with people than to have a lack of communication. “If you are doing it right, delegation plus empowerment equal trust,” Schieffer said.

Rebekah Anderson, women’s student body president, suggested creating a timeline in order to plan events in advance.

Anderson encouraged her successor to think of herself as a person, not as a title or a position as women’s student body president.

“Just be yourself,” Anderson said. She encouraged her successor not let the position make you into someone you’re not.

Likewise, Andrew Carter, men’s senior class representative, emphasized the importance of introducing oneself and make sure the senior class knows the senior class representative is actually representing them. He encouraged his successor to have open conversations and communication with the seniors.

“[ Representing the senior class] requires an element of humility,” Carter said.  “One of the most key parts of this position is getting feedback from the seniors,” Carter said.

According to him, the senior class representative must be willing to step outside of himself and sacrifice.

Agreeing with Carter’s advice, Rebecca Williams, women’s senior class representative, said the next women’s senior class representative must work on building relationships. “Your main goal is to represent your senior class,” Williams said.

She advised her successor to get to know her class to better represent them.

She encouraged her successor to start planning early on, even over the summer.  Williams said event planning will be easier if done with anticipation.

Finally, Hope Henry, Community Service Council director, said her advice for her successor is to start planning as early as posible.

“Make as many connections as you can to increase your communications chains at Bob Jones,” Henry said.

She said her successor should use resources on campus and contact people who do events off campus.

Henry encouraged her successor to build better relationships with the CSC representatives, who manage societies’ community service projects. “It’s really about planning good events and building good relationships,” Henry said.

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Current SLC members share advice with their successors