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Editorial: The chief reason I chose to stay at BJU

When I transferred into Bob Jones University three years ago, I had few ideas of what to expect.

I was one of the several hundred Clearwater Christian College students who got the unfortunate email notifying us that we no longer had a college home, and after a few weeks of stressful research and applications, I was one of those displaced students who chose BJU.

Within my first semester in Greenville, I had discovered my favorite asset at the University and the chief reason to finish my undergraduate studies here—the faculty.

I have long felt good professors give students the tools they need to succeed on quizzes and tests, but great professors give students reasons to think about the subject long after the bell signals the end of class.

I have had many great professors at BJU. Whenever I find myself walking across campus thinking about something I heard in class hours before, I realize that.

Two years after taking a class in expository writing, I can still hear Mr. Sid Silvester’s tips in the back of my head when writing telling me to “cut the fluff” and “tighten your paragraphs.”

I believe it’s those kind of  lessons that will stick with me even when other details of the class fade from memory.

There’s also no shortage of diverse teaching styles at BJU.

Dr. John Matzko is the only professor I have ever had who reads each of his lectures. His technique ensures that each word is carefully choosen, deliberate and purposeful. His lectures command attention; he never bores.

Like Matzko and his writing skill, many of the faculty have molded their teaching styles to their own strengths and personalities. I believe that’s powerful.

But it’s beyond the classroom that the faculty separate themselves from so many in the academic world.

The BJU faculty share the same values that their students do. They want their pupils to succeed both academically and spiritually. They care about their students for more than tuition checks.

I believe the greatest strength of Christian university faculty members is their pursuit of emulating Christ.

It’s that effort that gives them reasons to be patient and kind even when the exhaustion of the semester sets in. It’s also the pursuit of Christ that gives them purpose to sacrifice potential higher salaries to teach in the place they feel spiritually led.

Fittingly, Christ himself was the greatest teacher in human history, tailoring each sermon and parable specifically for his audience. Members of the BJU faculty no doubt draw from his example often.

Much more could be said on what makes the faculty of BJU stand out, but I will end with an encouragement to the student body to find ways to thank the faculty members who have impacted you most.

As you may have noticed, this issue is dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the faculity for their talents, service and accomplishments. To the faculty, The Collegian staff would like to say thank you for all you do.

—Luke McCormick, 

        Copy Editor

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Editorial: The chief reason I chose to stay at BJU