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Kanga’s speed dating raises money, “revives” romance

Holman Davis plays it cool on his three-minute speed date. Photo: Daniel Petersen

When Katie Albert, president of the Kangas, suggested speed dating as a Bible Conference fundraiser, she thought her officers would laugh in her face.

But much to her surprise, they enthusiastically embraced the idea, even though they had already planned another Bible Conference fundraiser. “The girls went nuts,” Albert said describing their initial meeting.

According to Albert, the speed dating was organized in several rounds of three-minute-long dates with one-minute intervals for people to find their dates.

Each person had a color-coded number that helped them find their date.

The idea for the speed dating event was originally conceived by Ian Dyke, The Collegian editor.

He passed the idea on to Albert while talking to her about publicizing the Kangas’ other Bible Conference fundraiser, dining common bingo.

“I thought that the speed dating event had the potential to be successful, both at raising money and getting couples talking,” Dyke said.

“I knew Katie [Albert]  and the Kangas had the influence and skills to make it work.”

Armed with the enticing power of cheesecake and love, the Kangas hoped to draw 200 people to the fundraiser. But on the night of the event, they exceeded that goal by over 50.

“That’s a lot of people and a lot of cheesecakes,” Albert said.

In addition to raising money for Camp Impact, Albert said she hopes the event helped people break the ice in their social lives.

“The original goal was just to give people an opportunity to make friends with people they would have no other reason to walk up to them,” Albert said.

Most students who attended said they enjoyed the new experience of speed dating.

Zach “Dr. Love” Knaak, a senior, said he thought the event was “great and chill.” Knaak also added he might have a few follow-up dates afterwards. “You never know the future,” Knaak said.

Sophomore Laiken Brown said she thought the event was hilarious because half the attendees took it seriously while the other half were clearly there to have fun.

Brown said she had several quality conversations.

About follow-up dates, Brown said she probably will not have any, but she said she is always optimistic.

Matthew Zirkle, a freshman, said he enjoyed the people almost as much as the cheesecake.

Zirkle said he will not have follow-up dates because his main reason for attending the event was the cheesecake.

Ethan Hansen, a junior, said although the event was crowded, he had fun because he had much more dating action that evening than in the past two years.

Hansen said he’s hoping for a follow-up date with a girl who seemed to speak over the noise of the crowded room.

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Kanga’s speed dating raises money, “revives” romance