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Sports join the roster of Bible Conference fundraisers

Pomegranate on Main is a restaurant in downtown Greenville, SC, February 5, 2018. (Rebecca Snyder)

The months of February and March bring much excitement to sports fans. The Super Bowl, one of the most famous sporting events in the world, happened the first week of February.

The NBA has its all-star week. March Madness arrives, and the buzz surrounding the upcoming baseball season begins to ramp up.

Here at BJU, February and March bring a whole new meaning to the student body in terms of sports.

During these two months, many societies, staff and other student organizations have decided to take advantage of people’s love for sports and organize sports fundraisers to raise money for the annual Bible Conference.

This year, all the proceeds from all the fundraisers will be going to a Camp Impact, the designated recipient of this year’s conference offering.

The Epsilon Zeta Chi Tornadoes are hosting the Run or Dye 5K for the second straight year.

Nathan Augustus, president of the Epsilon Zeta Chi Tornadoes, believes people in general love physical, competitive and social activities.

“When you can take all those elements (physical, competitive and social) and put them together, you get an awesome opportunity to raise money for Bible Conference,” Augustus said.

This year, the officers of the Tornadoes are placing a heavy emphasis on getting out into the community.

According to Augustus, last year the planning process started only two weeks before the actual event; so they really did not have time to market to the community.

“We are working with businesses, and we are working with churches,” Augustus said. Because of the emphasis on the community and the extra time, the officers believe they will definitely surpass the turnout of last year’s event.

Zeta Chi, the Pi Delta Chi Classics and the Pi Gamma Delta Royals also took advantage of the opportunity to raise money for Bible Conference by hosting their first ever ultimate Frisbee tournament.

The officers of the Classics and the Royals said the ultimate frisbee tournament was able to capitalize on a factor that many other fundraisers do not offer.

Tori Conover, president of the Classics, said that they have hosted a couple of flag football tournaments in the past. But this year, they want to do something that was not already a society sport. 

“I figured that this is something that our school could really get behind,” Conover said. “There are not a lot of other opportunities to play [ultimate frisbee].”

The annual Smith 3v3 basketball tournament always garners attention from the student body and from the Greenville community.

Last year, the tournament was able to get enough people to field 35 teams. The tournament is not held until late in March, about a month after Bible Conference.

Ironside residence hall supervisor Jonathan McLean has been charged with the task of running the tournament this year.

“We’re actually holding the tournament at the end of the NCAA March Madness tournament,” McLean said, “So we can capitalize on the moment and interest of the Final Four.” Mclean said he hope the fundraiser will continue to be successful in years to come.

Although the event occures well after Bible Conference, all the proceeds will be added to the Bible Conference offering.

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Sports join the roster of Bible Conference fundraisers